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QBiT's Mission

Creating global impact through biomedical innovation

Member Immersion


After their acceptance to the team, students are given the opportunity to become involved in a project of their choice. This allows members to be challenged by the many components involved in completing an immersive project, including technical development, collaborative design, and client relations.

Community Learning

Conference Event

QBiT is dedicated to providing opportunities beyond its members. Each year, the team looks for ways to remain involved in the Kingston community. Outreach remains a main focus for the team, and a large portion of our expenses and time go toward hosting events such as conferences, high school seminars, and open fundraisers for biomedical initiatives. 

Professional Development


QBiT's executive team connects with professionals and Queen's faculty members to organize opportunities for members to hone their skills and develop a network with industry leaders in their field. The team hosts a recurring Speaker Series and other networking events and technical workshops to develop skills and software ability, open to members and non-members alike.

Collaborative Innovation

Mech discipline night.jpg

Efforts are made each year to hire a team with a diverse educational background and strengths that have the potential to broaden the scope of QBiT's involvement. Collaboration within the team, along with yearly participation in international competitions, allow members exposure to the areas of research and profession beyond University.

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