Each school year, the team consists of roughly 80 members, spanning multiple different faculties, engineering disciplines and years of undergraduate study. Fifteen executive members manage the operations of the team and eight project managers guide sub-groups within the team.

QBiT Team

Executive Team

Evan Neff
Executive Director
Zooni Khosla
Professional and Public Relations
Chris Yuen
Nicole Espinosa
Technical Operations
Jack Boynton
Executive Director
Sonja Lake
Internal and Alumni Relations
Harriet Chorney
Technical Operations
Tamara Djukic
Administrative Director
Abby Holland
Emily Dunnion

Project Managers

Brendan Hubert
Isabelle Mahaffy
Emily Watkins
Sam Brost
Austen Lynds-Martin
Shona Kamps

Team Advisors

Dr. Claire Davies PhD, P.Eng
Faculty Advisor
 Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 

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