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Each school year, the team consists of roughly 80 members, spanning multiple different faculties, engineering disciplines and years of undergraduate study. The team captains and 4 executive officers manage the operations of the team and 8 project managers guide sub-groups within the team.



QBiT Over the Years

Executive Team

Daniel Kurtz.JPG
Daniel Kurtz
Eve Justason.JPG
Eve Justason
Outreach Manager
Lauren Galante Headshot.jpg
Lauren Galante
Chief Financial Officer
Julia Funk.JPG
Julia Funk
Lauren Windover.JPG
Lauren Windover
Chief Operating Officer
Jackson Aikens.JPG
Jackson Aikens
Chief Technical Officer

Project Managers

Valerie So.JPG
Valerie So
Lung - Software
Emma Kim.JPG
Emma Kim
Lung - Transfer Logistics
Adam McLean.JPG
Adam McLean
Hat - Inflation Logistics
Kaitlyn Hung.JPG
Kaitlyn Hung
Hat - Software
Darien Gaw.JPG
Darien Gaw
Lung - Electrical
Noah Learned.JPG
Noah Learned
Lung - Physical
Brooke Macneil.JPG
Brooke MacNeil
Hat - Electrical
Keshav Aggarwal.JPG
Keshav Aggarwal
Hat - Software
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 2.27.39 PM.png
Hannah Bain
Hat - Physical

Team Advisor

Dr. Claire Davies PhD, P.Eng
Faculty Advisor
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
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